Mailing Add.:Zhejiang Wenling Taipingzhen Nanquanyiqu Gongyequ
Manufactreing Add.:Zhejiang Wenling Shitang Ruoshan Nanjianlu No.61


We recognize there isn't just one method for growth. So, we are always open to new avenues as long as they closely fit our mission and strategy. Whether an opportunity lies upstream or down in the supply chain, our company is open to investigating business ventures with like-minded enterprises when they meet our growth criteria. Candorly has been manufacturing APIs and Intermediates for more than 10 years.

Our manufacturing capabilities include a wide variety of synthetic processes. We have a number of outsourcing customers who look for a better CMO to lower production cost. Besides making our own products we are willing to provide the contract manufacturing of satisfied customers by keeping our commitments, maintaining an excellent compliance and inspection record with the regulation authority.

We organize a knowledgeable team to smoothly and quickly transition customers' products to our facilities. To present such an opportunity for mutual success, feel free to contact us.



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