Mailing Add.:Zhejiang Wenling Taipingzhen Nanquanyiqu Gongyequ
Manufactreing Add.:Zhejiang Wenling Shitang Ruoshan Nanjianlu No.61


Innovation is the power for enterprise development, technology is the source of the power. The Candorly has always been a technology-oriented, innovative and sustaining developed company. The company has a high-tech R & D center, with a number of highly qualified research and development teams. The company is constantly looking for talents and experts domestically and globally. The company also establishes strong collaboration with national research institutes, universities and foreign experts to ensure that cutting-edge technologies are applied to product and manufacturing development.

In recent years, the R & D center has been worked on over 20 major innovative projects, 10 of them won the awards of the national Torch Program, the national Innovation Project and provincial New Product Projects. The company has completed 9 major innovative projectsfully supported by the City government including Clindamycin phosphate,Tenofovir fumarate ester,Dideoxyinosine,and Glucosamine series products.Candorly also holds a number of exclusive licenses and patents.

Currently, the company positionson the APIs and Intermediates of Anti-HIV, hepatitis B and other anti-virus products, and it is also developing the related generic drugs.

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